The day before the big day

Todays Daily Prompt asked us what we do the day before a big day, and one of the suggested “big days” was our wedding day.  Since a coworker of mine is getting married this weekend, I have recently been dreamily reliving the days of my own wedding, just, like 6 months ago… (I just realized, 6 months yesterday!) and I hope she has a good a time as I did.

The week before we went to Disney to get married was stressful, but not too much. The big decisions were already made and settled, we had a wedding planner handling things in Orlando.  The actual day before, my husband and I bashed around Magic Kingdom with a couple of friends. These friends had never been to Disney World before, so it was awesome to show them things for the first time.

They'd also never had a turkey leg before, so they were really getting into it!
They’d also never had a turkey leg before, so they were really getting into it!
Sacrilegious? I hardly think so!

Moreover, I have this memory: My MOH and I, standing in line for Pirates of the Caribbean, looking for scripture for the ceremony.:

That night, we had our “rehearsal dinner,” (really just a dinner with everyone who came down for the wedding) at Raglan Road in Downtown Disney, which is a favorite pub of Cohiba and me. We were kind of back in our own little room, so we could still talk over the awesome band.


After we were done at the restaurant, Cohiba was going to go home with his family, so we wouldn’t spend the night together before our wedding. I was kind of bummed because a) I missed him and b) I didn’t want to be alone the night before my wedding.

But it wasn’t hard to go to sleep, particularly not after the full day we’d had. I just tried to make time slow down a bit, since it was so magical.

Just as it should be.


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