A Story in 10 Words

This is something new that trying, in effort to practice brevity.  Thoughts? (These italicized words don’t count as my 10 🙂 )


Too far.

Friend betray,

Or betray friend?




2 thoughts on “A Story in 10 Words

  1. Personally. I think we can go too far with this sort of stuff. Sorry, I don’t mean the ‘stuff’ word unkindly, and a lot of thought and construction went into your 10 words. What they are doing though, is prompting the reader to make up his own story, rather than telling a tale in themselves – is that good? Its certainly intriguing: for example, those ten words would fit well onto a cellphone screen, and can be retained easily within memory. The way forward? Maybe…

    1. No need to apologize; I appreciate your feedback. I wanted to practice NOT spelling things out for my readers. That was part of the exercise, actually: to say less and give space for the reader to fill in the blanks. 10 words, it sounds like, isn’t even really a story framework, just a skeleton. Thanks for commenting!

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