Weekend Coffee Share #5


If we were having coffee, I would tell you about my visit to St. Louis.  It was full and good, full of our favorite things.  The Wee One got reacquainted with her grandparents, and she had a ball with them. It was good to be with my folks, and we binge-watched Justified because I wasn’t able to watch it when the baby was younger.

Do you miss being there? you ask, and I tell you the visit gave me some perspective of St. Louis, now that I live outside of it, and I missed the mountains and the trees here.  I’m glad I’m in the Pacific Northwest right now. Especially because, and I just learned this, but you don’t have to tell jokes when you’re trick or treating! You look confused. When you trick or treat in St. Louis, you have to tell a joke first. People will answer the door with their arms protectively over the glorious bowl of candy treasures and ask, “What’s your joke?” I hated that tradition – I chewed down the handle of the little pumpkin I used to carry because I was so nervous.  I ask you if you know of any other place where people ask you to do that.

The man next to us is humming a beautiful baritone melody. We both stop talking at the same time to listen. Oop, he’s leaving.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about the craft fair I’m going to take part in next month. Your eyes widen in excitement at the idea. I know, I say, I’m excited, too. I’ve never done a fair with Sustainability Sleeves and if it goes well, I might do more. I went to the Central Missouri Renaissance Fair last weekend and was thinking about selling handmade wares as the vendors at that fair had done. There are people who make a large part of their living going from event to event selling things they make. Do I think I could do that? you ask and I shrug. You ask me if I read a recent blog post about finding your passion that was floating around Facebook. I say no, and you promise to send me the link. Then you point out that there are a lot of craft fairs in the autumn because people are gearing up for Christmas, My mother used to do that, I comment. She said she really enjoyed it.

>phweet!< We hear a ref’s whistle from someone watching the Seahawks football game on their phone. The broadcaster’s voice is incongruous with the sound of the milk steaming.

If we were having coffee, we talk about what we’re doing for Halloween. This is my first Halloween with a child, and I’ve made a costume for us – I’m a movie ticket taker and she’s my popcorn. I’m excited to show it off. You ask if I”m going to take her out in the neighborhood and I tell you that I’m not sure.  I’m afraid I can’t wear her for much longer, I tell you, and your eyebrows narrow. My hip is causing me more pain these days, I tell you, and you ask why. Partly from the arthritis, I’m sure, and then my core muscles are not what they were before my pregnancy. It makes me sad, because I like wearing her in front, feeling the hair on her warm head under my chin and I love when she pulls back to look up at me and them smiles. I love that.

Although, I’m just now realizing, she’s pulling back to look around more and more.  Perhaps she’s telling me she’s ready for different carry. One that would allow her to see more of the world. A back carry would do that, you point out. It would, and I think it would be better for my hip.

If we were having coffee, I would look at my watch and say I have to get lunch and relieve my husband, who has been with the baby all morning. Which is exactly what I do all day during the week, but I like getting relief, and I’m sure he does, too. You get up to hug me goodbye and say you think you’re going to get another cup. Until next time.

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