Top Ten Tuesday – Fictional Family


For this week’s top 10 Tuesday, I’m considering book characters I’d want as family members.

1, Professor Lupin, the Harry Potter series. I think he’s be a distant uncle, or maybe not that distant, so I could talk to him a lot. He’s wise and humble.

2. Aunt Beast, A Wrinkle In Time. I want an Aunt Beast so badly. None of my real aunts lived in the same town as I did, but she would, just so I could go and see her a lot.

3. Colonel Brandon, Sense and Sensibility. Swoon!

4. Finnick Odair, The Hunger Games series. I like his sense of humor.

5. Luna Lovegood and her dad, Harry Potter series. I’m counting them as one because they complement each other well. Their eccentricity is refreshing –  I would want them for, like, a step-dad and step-sister.

6. Melanie Wilkes, Gone With The Wind. She’d be a great older sister, both to rebel against and to model after.

7. Clarice Starling, Silence of the Lambs.

8. Nat, Witch of Blackbird Pond. What I imagine a brother would be like. Capable and impish.

9. Aslan, The Chronicles of Narnia.  Yes, he’s a lion, and “he’s not a tame lion, but he is good.” 🙂 But it would be amazing to be able to talk to God. To be able to love on Him, like Susan and Lucy do after the events at the Stone Table. What a privilege.

10. Stacy McGill, The Babysitters Club series. This is a character I’ve known almost my whole life. I grew up reading this series voraciously, and I was always a little jealous of her overall style. So she’d be my sister and we’d be close in size so I could borrow her clothes.

10 extra people is quite a lot for an only child! Who would you have on yours?

Okay, your turn.

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