Top 10 Best Posts of Creo Somnium


These are the ten bests posts I like on this blog, though not necessarily the ones looked at most often. They are in no particular order.

  1. Last Words to my Dying Grandma

    It just so happens that this post IS the one most looked at. I look at Google search terms, and find that people google things about “death” “dying family member,” or “dying grandmother.”  But it made this list because I wrote it immediately after it happened, and I can remember it so clearly when I read it. That’s actually a common theme of the posts I chose: they all call back memories so clearly or in such a unique way that I love them.

  1. The First Time I Walked On Trembling Feet – Wee One’s Birth Story

    This day changed my life. Looking back, I can appreciate how I felt like I was on another plane – I wasn’t in my normal life, in my normal world. This was hyper-human, hyper-existent, if that makes sense. I was very alive that day.

  2. Daily Prompt: Memories for Sale. This was my very very very first blog post (May 16, 2013) and the prompt recalled a memory that was deeply buried: a melody my birth father often played on his trumpet. Since trumpet music is one of the very good associations I have of him, this is a treasured memory.
  3. No Hollaback Girl Here- 11 Tips for Fighting Street Harassers – This felt good to write and feels good to read. Actual concrete ideas for addressing street harassment, something that normally makes me feel so disempowered.
  4. A Deceiving Low-Down Dirty Deceiver – This is a memory I don’t often think of, and it’s fun.
  5. The Start of Something New – It was my first attempt at Gonzo style writing, and I wrote it drinking at a happy hour in a Mexican restaurant before I went to a friends house. It was great.
  6. The Jealous Dog song – This was a fun one to write.  I don’t usually write like this, but it was fun and I like how it came out.
  7. Top Ten TV Shows or Movies – My very first Top 10!  And I think everything on there would still make the top 10.
  8. My Impossible Girl – This is the first time I really considered the odds against which my Wee One came to be.
  9. A True Story of Thanks: Pay It Forward – Never Too Late – I’ve thought about this person a lot, and if I had the opportunity to talk to them, this is really what I would say.

Bonus post:

  1. What Would You Say To Your 10-Years-Ago Self? – I wish I could really go back and do this.



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