Reclaiming Sensitivity

I was a sensitive child, and I am a sensitive person. I imagine that is what makes me an effective counselor. But I am so embarrassed by that.

My birth father (Greg) was annoyed by this sensitivity, when I pointed out his abuse, he would accuse me of being “too sensitive.”  “You’re so sensitive,” he would tell me, and I can still remember the tone of his voice, the high pitch of “so.”

I’m an INFJ

I believe the Wee One is going to be a sensitive child, a sensitive person. She doesn’t do well with change right now, when I introduce something new, I need to give her time before she will touch it or anything. She studies things for a long time, and she is slow to smile. When she does, you know you’ve earned it. 🙂

I have a hard time calling her sensitive because I remember Greg’s dismissal, and I don’t want to dismiss her like that. When I tentatively tell people I think she’s sensitive, I say, “Not in a bad way!” as if there is one. I need to reclaim the idea of sensitivity, if only so I don’t project the negative idea on her.

So I’m taking it back. Sensitivity means intelligent, insightful and committed. Sensitive means attuned to things in a way that brings wisdom and insight. Sensitivity adds an extra layer of strength and smartness to help one succeed.

So there.



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