SUP friend?


That’s me.

Oh yeah. I went stand up paddle boarding yesterday. With a dog. That’s a dog right there in front of me. Could life get cooler?

The sister-in-law of a girlfriend of mine lives on a lake and let us use her equipment.. This house was so cool: small in terms of square footage, but was built on the edge of the lake/side of a deep hill, so it was, like, three stories tall with extensive decks and huge tall sunflowers.

I don’t have any images from while I was on the lake, which was large and sparkly and I wish I could share it with you, but it was beautiful, a beautiful gift.

This was also one of the things on my 52/52 Challenge!

2 thoughts on “SUP friend?

  1. That looks like a lot of fun 🙂 did you make it through the experience without falling in the lake? I know I wouldn’t have >.<

    1. Yes! They actually had a dock going right onto the water, so I just stepped onto the board and got my balance and went from there. It’s is not quite as difficult as one might think, particularly because my board was so large and flat. 🙂 The smaller and curvier ones are more challenging.

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