That Time I Had Purple Hair

For #TBT, let’s talk about that time I had purple hair. It was so beautiful.

It was just after Christmas break my freshman year in college, and I used some of my roommate’s hair dye. It was a Dark and Lovely Purple Something that and her black hair had a beautiful sheen to it when the light caught it right.

For my blond hair, it was a shocking purple, and so much fun. That night, the night before classes started, I got into some cute jeans and new boots, drank with friends and then went swing dancing at the Blue Note bar.

This is where it got bad. Drunk dancing in the wrong kind of shoes didn’t bode well for me and I messed up my knee, I thought just a bit. I drunk called a cab to get back to my dorm and hoped to sleep the pain off. The next morning, I found I couldn’t walk.  (Wee One, if you’re reading this, let this be a cautionary tale to you!)

My friend Ali walked across campus to my dorm to get my student ID, then back across campus to the student health building to get crutches for me, then back to my dorm. That is friendship. My first class wasn’t until 2, so we hung out until then. We watched the Birdcage and had a ball. Then I hobbled to class, on crutches through the snow, and learned it started at 1. Oops. Then I got to the health clinic and learned I tore my lateral meniscus. I missed going to New Orleans for spring break because I had surgery.

But other than that, I loved my hair. As the color washed out, it went from the beautiful purple to a faint purple, then pink, then goldy. I loved it. Actually, it was a really good thing for me during a difficult time.

How about you, reader? Have you dyed your hair? Had dreadlocks? Shaved half of it?

NaBloPoMo November 2016

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