Nothing Lasts Forever. Even Cold November Rain.

When I was in junior high, a Guns n’ Roses song came out that had strings in it, so it was high brow rock n’ roll. November Rain.

I was in junior high when this song came out, and every time I hear it now, I am transported to my friend’s room. Not only can I see the room, but also life at that time, being miserable at school and trying to figure out something cool to wear to school the next day.

I was always trying to think of something cool to wear or do, something that would protect me from being teased. By that point, though, I’d been getting it for years and had a thicker skin. I was also a little bit out of high school and dreaming about the days I would be away from parochial school bullies. People who were different and who accepted diversity. I dreamed about being pretty and cool there.

I didn’t know it the time, but I was pretty cool. I was ostentatious and courageous. I did some cool things and I had a great circle of friends I’m still in touch with; even married to one.

I always felt like that line was wise: ‘Nothing lasts forever, even cold November Rain,’ and the bad shit didn’t last forever.


Okay, your turn.

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