Weekend Coffee Share #41


If we were having coffee, it would be after I put Wee One down for her nap, so an afternoon coffee. I tried to take WO to church this morning. Alas, this was their “celebration day,” so instead of having an earlier and later service, they just had one. Which we missed. I know I shouldn’t take it personally, but I sort of do. The upshot is that it is like three minutes from Casa In-Laws, so hopefully, it will be a nice church to go to.

If we were having coffee, we would try not to talk about politics, but of course we would. No one in my family sees things the way I do; they are very different from me politically. They (at least I think this is true of my mother) want the same things I do, the same ultimate goals for our society, they just see a different way of doing it. How are things with your family? I have heard from people on Facebook, so many relationships are being torn up by this. That makes me sad.

One thing, though, is that I feel like we are currently watching history unfold before us. Like, the things going down right now are going to be looked back on as a turning point: the women’s march, protests at airports, whole states and cities defying the president… It’s amazing to see.






One thought on “Weekend Coffee Share #41

  1. Yes, this is definitely a time of historical significance. Strange to be living in it without knowing how it’s all going to turn out. I wish I were reading about it as a past event instead.

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