A Post About Toddler Struggles

I never wanted to write a post like this, about struggling with a toddler. But writing about this feels good. Maybe it will give you a laugh? A scene that is becoming an all too common at Casa In-Laws.

I am helping Wee One get breakfast, and I open the fridge to pull stuff out. She wants some cheese.  Its wrapped in a plastic wrapper, like string cheese. If I try to open it before I give it to her, she screams “NOOOOO!”

So I give it to her, and she tries, unsuccessfully, to bite it in several places. She might even handed up to me and look at me and grunt while signing “open.” (Actually, she’s signing “on,” but I’ll take what I can get) so I start to open it, and she screams, “NOOOOO!”

I give it back to her. “NOOOOO!”

I unwrap it halfway. “NOOOOO!”

I open it all the way. “NOOOOO!”

And by this point she throws it, so I need to be ready to dive to catch it, lest food go to waste. (I hate wasting food.)

For the love of chalk and avocados, I hate the effing screaming. Do you want the cheese or not?

I never wanted to write one of those mom posts, but here I find I am wrong and it feels good to just say. I refuse to call the age of two “terrible,” because I don’t want to set myself up for having a shitty time. Unfortunately, I am still having a shitty time. (Where this is concerned: she’s the most precious and special thing in my life the other times.)

Can I get an Amen?

2 thoughts on “A Post About Toddler Struggles

  1. Li’l D was not a screamer, and threw hardly any tantrums. This makes it all the more maddening when Littler throws his eighteenth of the day and proves inconsolable …

    1. Oooh, I’m sure! I’ve thought about how different Wee Two may be from Wee One (if we get Wee Two) and when I think about that, I kind of feel okay that we just have the One. Like, it’s frustrating, but a frustrating I know I can handle. Though I suppose I would learn to handle Wee Two, no?

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