Learn How To Juggle And Other Things

I mean, literally, juggle!

I have some scarves that I juggle that I got from one of those learn-to-juggle kit. (It was on clearance.) Wee One has seen me do it many times, and today, she picked up two of the scarves and threw them in the air and waved her arms around. Like she was juggling. She even made the little noises that I make when I’m doing it. #Killmenowsocute!

I know that toddlers are sponges and they do what they see. I am a little touched that she is imitating me and I’m thinking about other things I want her to do, to see me do.

I want her to imitate church; I should take her more. I want her to see me reading, loving her father, making art. I would like her to see me draw, or paint. The problem, then, is that she wants to do it too. Not with her own stuff, but with my stuff. She will take the book/pencil/brush out of my hand to do it herself. (Which I guess is the best way to learn?)

I want her to see us traveling, playing in faires. Not smoking cigars and not dicking around on my phone while driving. Not that I do that.

How do you best learn things? How do you best teach?

Okay, your turn.

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