2018 Goal Mid-year Update

I have been lax on these goals, some of them. But, in my mind, the year is still young, and these things can still be done. Most of them. >wink<

  1. Write two articles a month – maybe 4, so one a week. Oh no. I think I’ve written almost four articles so far this year, though.
  2. Read two books a month. (That doesn’t seem like much, but sometimes it feels like a lot.) I even put his in the Goodreads reading challenge. Alas, I have only read 4 of 24 books so far, and some of them are parenting books. However, I’m in the middle of several more, and I think I’ll get close.
  3. Get pregnant. This is the, I think, third year this goal has been on the list, sadly. Turns out this actually has a name: Secondary Infertility. I obviously don’t write about the trying part, but I might write about the fertility specialist part, because I’m going to see one in a few weeks.) Okay, working on this part.
  4. Take a vacation. And not to St. Louis. Ooh! Seattle! I did it!
  5. Send at least two stories to publication/contest. Not yet.
  6. Do something awesome for my 40th birthday. Now this, I did. I went back to Seattle for my very first girlfriend’s getaway. I spent the weekend on Whidby Island, and then found my flight home delayed – I “had” to stay another night. Huzzah!
  7. Buy a new (to me) car. You guys, I got a minivan. Like a soccer mom. I totally didn’t want to get one of these, but Cohiba really wanted one and, to quiet him, I tried a few, and found I did like one. Not enough to get it, though, until I saw WO scrambling around in my neighbor’s van, and she was so cute in there. And I’ll admit, I love being able to open the door with my key fob.
  8. Finish my big story. (From my Bucket List Bounty) Not yet. And I’m actually thinking I’ll make this one a shorter story to use for #5.
  9. See five movies in a theater. (I don’t go to the movies often, but I like it when I’m there.) None yet. Not even one. I thought I would go see The Greatest Showman, ’cause I have long loved me some Hugh Jackman, but no.
  10. Take a weekend trip with family, Cohiba and Wee One. I’m looking up places right now.

How is your year so far?

One thought on “2018 Goal Mid-year Update

  1. My aversion to commitment is well known, to the point where it has become a philosophy, which says, basically, if you never promise to do something you avoid disappointing others when it doesn’t get done. But good for you – with six months to go, this is progress!

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