Remember The Time… You Went To Your First Boy/Girl Dance?


Ah, pre-adolescence.  Has it changed since I was a young lass? Since my Wee One is only 2, I’ll let you know in about 8-10 years. So until then, I’ll just talk about

One of my first dances was in the small gym in the upstairs of a church, where my school was. There were about 150 kids in the whole building, so the dance was pretty small. And honestly, it seemed stupid. These were the same kids I saw every day. They were mean to me, I didn’t like being around them, so I didn’t see how going to a dance with them would be special.

I went anyway, because that’s what you do in junior high. My usual “uniform” consisted of high-top tennis shoes, baggy jeans, and a baggy sweatshirt or button down shirt. for the dance, though, I put on a special skirt (or maybe shorts that looked like a skirt, actually) that had straps that went over my shoulders like suspenders. It was the early 90’s. I had on flats and a mock turtleneck shirt. I doubt I put on makeup because I’m not a make-up person, and I’m sure my hair was in it’s customary ponytail.

I remember walking around the gym feeling different than I normally did, feeling a little better. I remember dancing up to this girl Louise, raising up my hands to the beat of the song “Shout.”  I raised them up one extra time, and I remember Louise, who was already smiling at me, start giggling at my gaffe. I played it off, and I don’t know if anyone else noticed. Which was nice, to just have a friend giggle with me, rather than non-friends laughing at me.

How about you? Let us squirm with you memories of long ago days!

How to take part in the Remember The Time event? It’s quite easy. I’ll post a question every other week or so. You can respond to the question, or something it makes you think of, either in your own post or in the comments. If you have your own post, please remember to tag it “Remember The Time,” and link it back to this post.







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