Swing, too!

Yesterday, Wee One showed me a new trick she learned: she can sit on the big kid swing on her bottom. I have to lift her up, but she can hold on and balance and even pump her legs a bit. I’m like, you go girl. I like pushing you, but I’m glad you can do it on your own.

She invites me to do most things with her. I love it. So, as is to be expected, she wants me to swing with her. Which would be fine, if not for the head injury that makes me queasy at the mere sight of swinging.

But today I did it. I started swinging, then she wanted me to pump my legs like she was. “This is fun, mommy!” Her precious laughter, her blond curls bowing in the breeze. We talked about the sun being up and the moon being down, and then when moon comes up, the sun goes down.

As I say under the blog name, I write to stop time. Let this post preserve this memory and moment. Parenting is such a joy.


Okay, your turn.

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