Christmas Songs That Suck

If you are in the United States, you have been hearing Christmas music since probably the middle of October, except for those few stalwart stations that refused to play it until after Halloween, (which is still a month too damn long in my opinion). By the time the blessed day arrives, we’re sick of most of the music.

To be fair, there is a lot of crappy christmas covers to go around. Everybody and their brother wants to get in on the holiday cash cow share their personal favorites with fans. Justin Beaver, New Kids On The Block (and I came of age with NKOTB!), Christina Aguilera, Destiny’s Child, Aqua…

Its been a long time since we’ve had a Top Ten Tuesday around here and this it a perfect opportunity to vent about the songs that suck.

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Top 10 90’s Movies, Part One


I have never been a big movie buff – when I was a kid, I was only allowed to watch one hour of TV a week.

You read that right.

A week.

So I didn’t watch a lot of movies, and since I was in a very formative phase of my life in the 90’s, the ones I did see made an impact. This week’s Top 10 is the Early Years countdown, listing the movies from when I was starting to building memories and friendships, some of which I, luckily, still have today.

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My Top Ten Favorite Things Right Now

This is a list of 10 things I really love right now.  I will not say I’m “obsessed,” because I hate the overuse of that word (I have seen obsession, and this is not it), but they are things I really appreciate in my life right now, in no particular order.

  1. The drive through at Starbucks. I love being able to drive through and get coffee. So easy.
  2. The pool at the gym I just joined – I joined a gym! I’ve never done that before, but it has childcare, so the Wee One is tended to for up to two hours. I have started swimming thi week and love it. This accomplishes one of the goals on my 52/52 challenge.
  3. My ergo. I’ve loved it since I had it. It’s quick, easy, and keeps my hands free while I hold and love of my Wee One. (It’s also valuable and useful for Syrian refugees, as used by the Carry The Future organization. If you have an extra carrier no longer in use, I highly recommend this organization.)
  4. My crothet hooks. I’ve started making some things I hope I can sell with some friends who are vendors in a few Ren Fairs in the Midwest.
  5. Pens for drawing zentangle. Which I haven’t been doing as much, in favor of doing the above.
  6. This computer for writing. Which, again, I haven’t been doing much of in favor of crocheting, and of doing the following:
  7. Candy Mania – It’s one of those Candy Crush-like games that you can download onto your iPhone, but the other week when I was dying with the stomach flu, it kept me company and entertained.
  8. Giving the Wee One her bedtime bottle. It’s the first part of her bedtime routine and we sit in the recliner and watch something. Since she doesn’t take as many bottles, she doesn’t sit in my lap and eat like she used to. This is one last warm and snuggly little time. For a second, I thought about getting rid of it, but for right now, I’m not going to fix what isn’t broken!
  9. The Kindermusik class I go to with the Wee One. After about a month, she has become more comfortable crawling around and interacting with other babies and the teacher, which I like to see, and it helps me learn different ways to interact with her, to play with her. And she likes music, so it’s good. The teacher is kind of weird, and I get the feeling that it’s like a posh little club and you’re lucky to get in, but still.
  10. My mom squad. I have a squad. 38 years old and I have a squad. But we’re an awesome team, particularly for only having known each other for several months and for having four toddlers to look after.

Weekend Coffee Share #17


If we were having coffee, we would be glad to walk into the warm coffee house. It’s colder outside today than normal! I remark when I see you push the hood off your head, shaking raindrops off. It is wintertime, but I have been so pleasantly surprised by how mild the winter has been, particularly since I’ve heard how nasty it is in the Mid-West. The Wee One and I were even able to go hiking this past week!

Speaking of hiking, a woman walks in pushing a double stroller with twin toddlers. They’re subdued under their blanket, but she still struggles getting the stroller through the front door and between the close small tables. Seeing them all makes me miss the Wee One, who had daddy-daughter time these days I go and write and have coffee with girlfriends.

Today when I left, he was skyping with his parents and showing off her standing up skills. She will position herself standing by something, and then let go, just to do it.  She’s not showing off for us, she’s practicing and testing herself. I think she’s remarkable. All babies might do that, you point out; I don’t want to know!  I exclaim. My daughter is the most extraordinary creature EVER! I say with a wink and a smile. Of course, you agree.

If we were having coffee, I tell you about talking to my best friend last night and how nervous she is about going on a first date with someone. Do you have first date horror stories? you ask me, and I make a face remembering it. There was one guy I met bicycling the MKT Trail outside of the Columbia, Missouri. We enjoyed talking and raced each other to the Katy trail. He was an Air Force vet and kind of cute, but I was getting more and more uncomfortable as we rode back in.  He gave me his number (this was before cell phones) and I raced home reciting it to myself. I dialed the number when we got home, as I had promised I would, and asked for Gary. “Gary?” the guy who answered started laughing. “Who’s Gary? You mean Greg?” Ouch. That’s embarrassing and I hate being laughed at. Then Gary/Greg got on the phone, and it was so awkward and weird, I was happy when we hung up.

Etta James “At Last” comes over the speakers, and my heart clutches as it always does.  We both stop talking to sway in time to the song. I had wanted this to be the first song Cohiba  and I danced to after we got married, but I didn’t have that kind of wedding reception. We did have a first dance, though, just after the ceremony and then a dinner with our guests at one of the restaurants in EPCOT. As a compromise, we put the song on our wedding video, over the high reel.

If we were having coffee, I wonder aloud is that is why I like to watch people and try to read what’s going on., particularly when I think its a first date. First dates can go in so many directions, it’s like a crap shoot. Even over the course of the date itself, things shift. Still, she’ll come home with a story, hopefully better than the one I just told.

Now Sam Cooke is playing. The tunes in here today are live and on point.