Living by a barter system… the dream of

Living by a barter system… the dream  of communes everywhere… What would I give in a community like that?

Would I give free hugs?  I hate those campaigns.  I was in Krakow with the travel community couchsurfing, and one of the events was a free hugs thing outside of St. Mary’s.  There was a tall round man approaching strangers, towering over them, arms outstretched.  No.

I could knit or crochet something.  I found a simple-designed slipper that I”m going to start cranking out for my family. I can read out loud to children or others than need reading to. (I love doing that.)  I could be a delivery person – bike or walk someone’s stuff somewhere.

I don’t know how I”d do in a system like this, how successful I’d be.  I think I would do okay, especially while I’m still young.  I’m pretty resourceful. Success would start to mean something different, though.  It wouldn’t be about saving for retirement or old age. Although, I would need to start bartering for such things as medical care when I’m older, or food when I can’t forage for it. I’d be building up credit now, y’all, for the services I’ll need later. If I got enough to eat for the day, I’m successful.

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