Home of my dreams…

I don’t know if my dream home is big, but it will have enough space for me and Cohiba to be together. It will be really open, like, not a lot of walls.  Some protection from the rain, but I won’t need protection from the cold – I’ll live in the warmth.  I guess I’d need screens to keep the bugs out, though.  My dream home would be beautiful.

There will be big old trees outside, with lots of shade, except on the corner of the lot, where I’ll grow things.  I’ll need a big sink to clean what I’ve grown.  Hardwood floors and ceiling fans.  A large porch with several hammocks side by side, so Cohiba and I can lay in them, read, and hold hands.

I think this’ll be a two bedroom place.  Our bedroom will be just that, with a soft comfy bed with lots of blankets and pillows, and the other room will be a creation space.  Computers and books of code for him to create computer magic.  Leather and metal working tools for him to work on weapons and garb for Renaissance Fairs.  A sewing machine for both of us to work on , with my knitting and crocheting gear next to it, and under the window, a large art table for me to paint and art journal and repurpose things I find.

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