Not Just A Warm August Nap – A Bionic Hip!

I may be cheating with today’s Daily Prompt, but I have recently decided to blog about things a little closer to my heart, as I think they make for better reading, so I feel empowered to take some liberties. The prompt was to take a story I had heard and embellish it for the sake of story telling, but this is going to be a little different:

I am going to take a story in my memory, a true story, embellish it with another, equally true story, and then just go on from there. 🙂

Story One:

One warm golden afternoon in August, I was home from college, napping in my mother’s bedroom. We were in my childhood home, with the windows open, AC off, and fans running, as it aways was in the summer.  I woke briefly to hear the faint sounds of the house and fan, and realized that I had a small nagging itch behind me, just below my waist.  I scratched it, and contentedly placed my hand back under my head, and fell back to sleep.

Story Two:

I was indeed sleeping, my body propped up by a wedge underneath me. I had just undergone the first part of surgery for my shattered pelvis. Surgeons had entered from behind to do the first part of the surgery, which was going to be completed the next day. The itch I felt were the stitches, and when I scratched them, I ripped them open, including several that had gone through an artery.  I began bleeding profusely, and my mother was called into the hospital.  When she arrived a nurse was sitting on me, trying to put enough pressure on the wound to make a scab form.  I couldn’t go back into surgery to fix it because my blood pressure was so unstable; I eventually received two pints of blood.

Both stories are true, in a sense, for I was in a coma during this time. The story of the August nap is one of a sliver of two memories I have from that otherwise black hole of time. While the second story is much more dramatic, I prefer the first one. Or maybe a third version…

Story Three:

The nurse had been sitting on me and a scab had formed, but not before the healing radiation off the newly implanted bionic hip spread to the surface of my body. The warmth had slowed the blood flow, allowing time for the medics to work on the surface on the wound, and the molecular regenerative ions began to rebuild and strengthen its new body. The life in this vessel was meant to survive.

2 thoughts on “Not Just A Warm August Nap – A Bionic Hip!

    1. Thank you! I think I might do this one again, too, ’cause it’s fun to take a base story and then write a few things tales off of it. I look forward to what you write!

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