Post Game Wrap-Up

Today’s daily prompt about the longest stretch of time that I’ve posted to this blog provides me with the end-of-month opportunity I was hoping for: To reflect on this NaBloPoMo, my first Mo of doing it.

Indeed, this is the longest stretch of time that I’ve blogged, posting daily. I’m pleased that not many of these posts were reposts, which is an unofficial little goal I had for myself.  I felt like that would be cheating.

In this, I found myself engaging with the blogging community quite a bit more than I had before, something I had been seeking. I am eager to keep this up.

I’ve also tried to hold tighter to the “mission,” if you will, of the blog: creativity and ideas, which I still believe generate energy within us to do great things.

I would like to keep this up, and so am pledging (at first to myself but now publicly) to keep posting to the end of the year.

Thank you for joining me on this!

Okay, your turn.

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