Weekend Coffee Share #38


If we were having coffee, we would take our time, because it is nice to be out. It has been a long wee and I have missed you. I wish I could see you more.

But I’m glad we have today and I mention that I met with a few other mommies this past week. It was the second mom-date I’ve been on since I moved and I feel like it went better than the first one, though I’m still planning to see one of the mom’s from my first one. While there, I realize how much I miss the community part of being with moms: getting ideas for things to do with her, information about activities she might like, and also validation for things I’m trying. And failing. Like feeding her. >sigh<


If we were having coffee, we don’t talk as much about politics as we did last week, but it comes up a little. You have contacted your representatives office about things that you feel strongly about, and I want to do that, too. So thanks for lighting a fire under my ass.

I’m going to talk about Trump’s cabinet member picks and about the Presidential Accountability Act in the House that would mandate the President and Vice-President to resolve any financial conflicts by placing them in a blind trust or disclosing them to the Ethics office and American public. Right now they’re exempt from having to do that, and I am just not positive our president-elect will work in our interests when he can work in his own. Call me crazy.

If we were having coffee, you ask me about a belly dancing class I dropped in on a few weeks ago. You know, I really hoped to like it more, I say, but the class itself was disorganized and just not what I had hoped, not the workout I had hoped. But in related news, you know how I’ve been thinking about anger more? Cohiba and I had another discussion about it and something that helps him channel it is his jiu-jitzu. I told him I wanted to learn to fight, but to do it in a way that won’t mess up my hip. I think I’m going to try boxing. I like knocking around a heavy bag, and will probably give this a go, at least once.

Or maybe I need to find a church. Maybe both.






Okay, your turn.

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