You Just Made Adulting So Much Easier

Yesterday, I had one of those rough adulating days. I had a lot of little things to handle and they all suck.

Flu shot, pay bills, make copies of marriage certificate and Wee One’s birth certificate to verify we’re really Cohiba’s family to get health insurance, find a pediatrician… None of these things are pleasant. I called the pediatrician’s office to get WO a flu shot, and they won’t even talk about scheduling an appointment until they have medical records from St. Louis and Seattle. I was so annoyed with all of this – adulating sucks.

When I went to get my flu shot, it was a quite pleasant experience, mostly because of the pharmacist. When I left, I told the guy: ‘You just made adulting so much easier.’ He made it all easier and more pleasant and I am so thankful for him.

I’m going to try to call those people out more often, the ones who make things easier, and I’ll try to be one, too.

Have you met people like that?







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