I Am Capable of Writing 3,000 Words

But I don’t know if my computer is capable of saving them. I can’t find the document anywhere, and I fear it’s gone for good. So much dialogue.

Had that happened to you? Have you been able to get it back? I hold out hope that I might, because Cohiba makes his living on these machines.

And I am generally a hopeful person.

How has your week gone? Any plans for the weekend?

via Daily Prompt: Capable

5 thoughts on “I Am Capable of Writing 3,000 Words

  1. It happens to us all, I fear. My worst experience with the black hole was when it swallowed a complete manuscript – 190K words. I had other copies, fortunately, but the one that went was the product of several painful weeks of editing, which I had to do again. These days I just save and save and save…

  2. Oh no! I lost about 30K words of a story I’d written a few years ago (I wanted to revisit it and try to work on it), but it was mostly missing. (It was a Word doc from an older program and random chapters were left, weird.) Anyway, anything I write now, even if it’s just putting together my kid’s report for school, gets backed up on Google Docs. Two places can’t eff it up, right?

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