how dare we?

Yesterday was another day to Stand On Every Corner, and, for the first time in a new location, I stood alone.

I’ve done it alone at the other location, and I don’t mind it. I have a nice little playlist on Spotify (#Resistance) and I sort of get lost in my thoughts, waving when people yell or honk. Today I got a lot more “Build the wall!” Which is a bummer. Because this could be me. It could be you.

I wish I could understand how people could be behind the current immigration practices, and I’ve been struggling all night to think of something to say about this.

Luckily, one of the blogs I follow, Note to My White Self, penned a post that does a good job distilling the immigration debate and what’s so absurd and simple about it. The purpose of a wall to simply make it easier to both ignore and inflict pain on the Other, in this case, immigrants.

My fellow Americans, I can say with almost guaranteed certainty that we did nothing to earn our citizenship.


It is the grace of our Creator that put us right here, and if They didn’t and I was being threatened in my home like the migrants on our Southern border, of course I would try to get safe. Get my daughter safe. If your child was threatened, you would move heaven and Earth to keep them safe – that’s parenting.

How fucking dare we? Especially when, and here’s the real kicker, oft forgotten: the United States played a huge ass part in the government unrest of Central America. Maybe we thought we were doing the right thing at the time, I don’t know. But the ripple effect of our past policies led to this; how dare we play ignorant to this?





Okay, your turn.

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