10 Best Things About Traveling Solo With A Baby


This one is going to be hard to write.

The Wee One and I are flying to be with my folks over the Christmas holiday, and then flying to be with Cohiba’s family over and into the New Year. This is not normally how we do holidays, but this is the way it has to happen this year. She and I leave on Friday, and I’m quite anxious about the trip out.  In light of that, today’s Top 10 Tuesday focuses on the good things about being alone with a baby when traveling (flying).

Because, flying with a baby, even with a partner, is a feat.

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Wee One’s Christmas List


Inspired by a letter to Santa from a 10 month old baby, this week I am imagining what my Wee One would like for Christmas.

  1. Mirrors. She loves mirrors. She geeks out whenever she spys her reflection in something, and I hope that she always looks upon herself with such glee.
  2. A piece of yarn. She’ll hold it over her head, twist her hand around to watch it fall, put the end of it in her mouth. Its precious.
  3. An iphone. I rarely let her play with mine, which only increases the attraction, I know. Hence its place on her wish list.
  4. A go-go-gadget extendable arm. Something that will allow her to reach the little things like candles and keys and machetes that mom puts a little too far away.
  5. A disembodied head. Something with hair she can pull with impunity, a mouth she can fishhook, and eyes she can gouge.
  6. Paper. Lots of paper to crinkle and eat.
  7. A cord. Any kind will do: computer, vacuum, TV.
  8. Buttons. She just recently found them (sewn onto a shirt!) but I think she would like to see more. And maybe off a shirt, so she can just look at the whole button on its own.

Okay, only eight. But she’s only nine months, so to her, this is a lot. And In case anyone wonders, Santa will not be bringing her any of those things. Not because of any naughtiness but just because there are better things waiting. 🙂

10 Good Things About Being Up All Night With The Baby


The nine month sleep regression is upon Sahara’s household, and God help us, please don’t last long. It’s iike I have a newborn again. In effort to look on the positive, as I am intentional about doing when it pertains to my Wee One, I’m going to find 10 good things about being up so much during the night. Just call me Pollyanna.

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Top 10 Books I Cannot Bring Myself To Finish


I don’t read as much as I want to anymore.  (Pshaw – thanks, Wee One! 😉 But I want to be, and I want to be a good writer, something that is helped by reading good books. I should want to finish the books on this list. They just don’t engage me. I try to finish them, and I could force my eyes to the page and force my mind to stay focused on it. But that is valuable reading time, (something I get so little of these days), and do I really want to spend it on something I have to *force* myself to do?

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