Mixed CD Stories

Get a beer for this one, friends, ’cause it’s got some stories to it.  In 2004, I worked for the Missouri PIRGs (a left wing political action group) and that was a hell of a summer in Sahara’s life. I’m glad I had it, but I’m glad I’ll never have to learn those lessons again.

But, when I left, I made a mix CD for myself and some of my friends from some music we had all shared that touched on some of the warmer memories of that year, and even when I listen to it now, I still remember. I wrote about one of these songs a few weeks ago, but I want to tell you about the rest.

Won’t you come see the melodious highlight memory reel??? /insert wavy back in time lines/

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I Met James Van Der Beek

Yesterday. I really seriously did.

My friend spotted him first, and I saw the back of a man carrying a curly haired cherub on his shoulders. I figured my friend was off and just saw his doppelgänger, but she and our other friend were determined to find the truth.

We went into the Sahara section of the zoo (Ooh – is that significant? The Sahara section. I’m Sahara, and met JVDB. Coincidence?) because there he was.

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Accidentally in a Cardinal Nation

I am a Midwestern woman, born in Chicago and raised in St. Louis, now living back in Illinois, across the river from St. Louis. I am doing a Pinterest board on St. Louis, about different things and places I love about this city. Though I don’t have any personal allegiance to this, I think I would be remiss in NOT including something about baseball because it permeates so much of the city.

As a child of St. Louis, I am aware…. of the Cardinals.

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